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About Us

Tell me more...

The Twisted Hares are an up and coming London and Bristol-based theatre company, devising original work in a collaborative manner. Through a sense of mischievous high jinks, whimsical satire, and more often than not, oddball surrealism, we endeavour to make topics of a serious or difficult nature accessible to all. Storytelling lies at our heart, listening to the experiences of others and giving it voice, particularly the female voice, which is too regularly dismissed.


                 What's In A Name?

'What does Twisted Hares mean?' we hear your brain scream. Well let us explain... We were inspired by the Twisted Hair, a name given to the wandering storyteller of Native American tribes, who would travel from village to village offering wisdom, power and knowledge through stories, life lessons, and an oral history of their people. Elements of nature and spiritual awakening featured heavily as a way to bring communities together.

'We want to be a Twisted Hair!' we cried, aspiring to tell stories of a similar quality. ‘But how can we throw a bit of our kooky selves in there?' In a eureka moment, with the help of a first-rate knowledge of the English language, hair became hare. That’s it! The beautiful creature fitted perfectly.

Known through myths and fables as a mysteriously, mischievous animal, that cannot be tamed, the hare embodied the wild sense of play we as a company possess. With links to witchcraft and fertility, hares have symbolised the female form for centuries, and as The Twisted Hares emerged, the animal continued to embody womanhood through us – a bunch of kick-ass, yet caring, ladies!   


The Process

Collaboratively, we always approach work through a devised process. Collecting stories from a range of people and weaving narratives from those personal accounts has become a bit of an obsession of ours. Whether they are explored directly, becoming a piece of verbatim, or perhaps inspire us to write a scene, a song, or a bizarre new game show, there is always the power of the everyman’s (or woman’s) tale that lies at its core. As you can probably tell, we like to produce a right old mixed bag using our strengths in physicality, musicality and comedy to create non-linear performances. We’re inspired by the variety shows and music halls of the 19th century, but firmly pull ourselves into the present by focusing on topics and issues that we all face today in the 21st century.


Mission Statement

By entwining a collaborative sense of fun and play with meaningful messages, we aim to entertain, yet, empower and challenge the audience. Encouraging positive change. Allowing stories and impactful narratives of the everyday to drive our pieces, giving voice to the unvoiced.